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Home Fragrance Tips, How to Make your Home Smell Good

Fragrance Tips

Home fragrance products are the latest lifestyle add-ons to make the atmosphere at home relaxing and enchanting. You can even use natural home fragrances just before evening get-togethers or dinner parties, to enliven the environment and set the mood

Odonil room fresheners are available as:

Which can be used in your bathrooms, toilet, cupboards etc. Odonil room fresheners come in a range of exciting fragrances like Orchid, Rose, Lavender, Sandal, Citrus and Jasmine.

  • Perfumed petals and floating aromatic candles can be placed in a beautiful sculpted metal or glass bowl filled with water. This, if placed at the entrance of your home, looks festive and elegant, apt for any joyous occasion. Scented candles can be placed on attractive candle holders
  • Pot Pourri is an assortment of dried flower petals, fruit seeds, herbal leaves and sometimes spices, that emanate a gentle, natural and healthy fragrance when left open in attractive bowls or colorful ceramic containers
  • Perfumed sachets and scented drawer liners can be used in wardrobes. Your clothes will keep smelling fresh always.
  • Everybody has a jar of cinnamon in the kitchen. Take it out, sprinkle a layer onto a baking sheet and throw it into the oven on the lowest setting. You can also do this with any citrus peels, or combine the two for more depth of scent
Home Fragrance Tips, How to Make your Home Smell Good