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Answer these fun questions and win big!
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Q 1: What did you do to fuel your love at home last saturday?

Turn on romantic music Use Gelz by Odonil
Have a candle light dinner Watch a romcom

Answer these fun questions and win big!
Get started!

Q 2: Fragrance plays an important role in setting the right mood.
Which fragrance fuels your love life?

Rose Lavender
Jasmine Lemon


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    My most romantic moment was on my honeymoon in pune in 2009.. ameena

    having dinner while smaelling odonil Ekansh Maheshwari

    when i am with my partener on last night pratibha

    Thr fragrance is very awsum. It feels really relaxed Tazeen Shaikh

    When I had first time candle light dinner with my wife at my home is the most ro.... vennishmuthu

    Romantic candle light dinner. sakshi Sagar Malve

    romantic dinner at home on my birthday with nice fragrances around. My husband g.... Anamekaa Bose

    candle light dinner in hotel trident, agra. manish butalia

    When I am with my hubby for a long drive Khyaati

    With my Love in home Madhuri Jain

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